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Welcome to Modern Era Warriors

Reality Based Self-Defense
Practical, No Nonsense, Effective!

TOP 100 Most Essential Street Ready Techniques!

Functional Fitness
Maximum Results, Minimum Equipment, Minimal Time!

Women’s Reality Based Self-Defense
Protection, Empowerment, Confidence!

Law Enforcement, Military, Security
Field ready in the shortest amount of training time possible!

Firearms & Shooting
Basic pistol and personal protection inside and outside the home!

Instructor Certifications &
Training for Self-Improvement

Private, One-On-One Personal Training!

Corporate and Community Groups; Women’s Groups; Law Enforcement, Military, Security!

Private Lessons & Personal Training
Reality Based Self-Defense; Grappling; Fitness; Women’s Reality Based Self-Defense; Law Enforcement, Military, Security; Firearms & Shooting; Mental Training!

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