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Reality Based Self-Defense – Practical, No Nonsense, Effective!  KEEP IT REAL!

Commando Krav Maga America “CKM America” is considered by many experts to be the most evolved and effective defensive tactics system in the world.  Founded by Dennis Stoika, a career federal and local law enforcement officer, and former United States Marine, Commando Krav Maga America is the ultimate reality-based system engineered for the most brutal and vicious street confrontations.  With its no-nonsense approach and straightforward practical principles, concepts, and philosophies, CKM America prepares you for the unexpected with techniques that can be utilized effectively under pressure. CKM is not a traditional or sport-based martial art.  There are no competitions, rules, and regulations.  Instead, CKM is a reality-based self-defense system designed with the primary goal of survival.

Instructor Certification Program:  The CKM America Association Instructor Certification Program consists of Commando Krav Maga, Women’s Commando Krav Maga, and Commando Krav Maga for Law Enforcement, Military, and Security personnel.  Upon successful completion in either program’s two day one-on-one personal training instructor certification program, you will be a certified instructor and have the opportunity to progress thereafter with additional private intensive training sessions to full instructor, senior instructor, and master instructor.    

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