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Functional Fitness/General Physical Preparedness
Maximum Results, Minimum Equipment, Minimal Time!

General Physical Preparedness America “GPP America” founded by Dennis Stoika, a career federal and local law enforcement officer, and former United States Marine, created GPP America, a revolutionary general physical preparedness functional fitness program unlike any other with maximum results, minimum equipment, and minimal time using our body as the machine.    

Instructor Certification Program:  The GPP America Instructor Certification Program consists of bodyweight, sandbag, kettlebell, and suspension training courses.  Upon successful completion in either courses one day one-on-one personal training instructor certification program, you will be a certified instructor and have the opportunity to progress thereafter with additional private intensive training sessions to full instructor, senior instructor, and master instructor.       

GPP Instructor Certification Courses:

Bodyweight Training - Elite Combat Fitness
Sandbag Training - Dynamic Variable Resistance Training/Ultimate Sandbag “USB”
Kettlebell Training - Tactical Athlete “Crossfit Kettlebell”
Suspension Training - TRX

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