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Reality Based Self-defense
Commando Krav Maga "CKM"

REALISTIC TRAINING – Practical, No Nonsense, and Effective! KEEP IT REAL!

In CKM, when you train, you train for real. During training in CKM, attack scenarios are simulated to be as realistic as possible. You will gain the knowledge and skills to survive any attack regardless of whether you are at home, at work, or elsewhere.

In CKM you will learn:
  • How to defeat any attacker including attackers armed with guns, knives, clubs, bottles, bats, etc
  • How to control or debilitate your attacker immediately irrespective of their size or experience
  • How to execute straightforward, simple, and highly effective techniques to save your life
  • How to cover all aspects of real hand-to-hand combat and weapons training
  • The techniques taught to elite military and specialized law enforcement units around the world
  • Highly effective and easy to learn reality based self-defense
  • How to become an effective hand-to-hand combat and weapons expert!
Specifically we will cover:
  • Avoidance strategies, pre and post conflict strategies, and survival skills
  • Empty hand street combat to defend against fast and brutal strikes to include clubs, bottles, bats, etc
  • Gun and rifle confrontations, and disarming tactics
  • Vicious knife attacks and threats, and edged weapon defenses and disarming tactics
  • Escapes from unexpected vicious street-holds, headlocks, violent strangles, the clinch, and takedowns
  • Ground survival
  • Striking, grappling, controls, pressure points, and takedowns
  • Improvised weapons
  • Multiple attackers
  • Psychological understanding of specific attacks
  • Surprise attack scenarios
  • and so much more!
While practicing the CKM tactics and techniques, you are taught to understand the psychological and mental aspects of the attack to maximize your street survival skills so you can perform under stress. CKM drills are progressive. You start training slowly and precisely, and in some cases with your eyes closed or even blind-folded, so the tactics and techniques are built into your muscle memory becoming part of you. You gradually increase the amount of pressure in your training environment making it as realistic as possible while always keeping safety in mind. As you progress in CKM, the level of intensity becomes increasingly demanding both physically and mentally. Through advanced training, you will gain the skill and self-confidence to effectively survive any confrontation.

CKM techniques are simple yet highly effective! In the words of CKM founder Moni Aizik: "Simplicity is genius!” Israeli fighting systems have been successfully used for decades by military special forces, law enforcement such as the FBI and SWAT, high profile bodyguards and counterterrorism experts, and many others from all around the world.

Despite the no nonsense reputation of CKM, the system also has, at its core, basic tenets to help guide individuals throughout their daily living, the same way CKM's country of origin has had to overcome severe limitations and weaknesses in order to survive. CKM helps empower individuals with the requisite mental and emotional tools, in addition to the obvious technical and physical ones, to help one properly navigate through life’s difficulties. CKM students are taught to go beyond their physical limitations and explore a side of their consciousness they are not use to confronting.

It is in this way the system helps us deal with the many challenges one may encounter day to day. Fundamental to this idea is the awareness of one’s limitations and strengths. The consciousness of those limitations makes us humble as individuals, another major value inherent to the system. The overcoming of those limitations creates confidence and an indomitable spirit when facing future obstacles. The constant emphasis on pushing forward no matter the odds reflects a can do attitude and one of continuous improvement.

The training for CKM places particular emphasis on a positive state of mind as an approach to everything in life. The attitude is not "everything good or bad happens for a reason"; but, to quote CKM founder Moni Aizik, “When nothing is for sure, everything is possible!” This philosophy helps develop survivors on the battlefield, champions in the ring, and winners in life! In order to be a winner, you have to think like a winner!

You have to have a positive outlook and never, ever give up! Irrespective of the outcome of life’s challenges, it is from this constant struggle of facing obstacles, character and confidence is developed. Not a shell existing to impress others; but, true inner strength coming from a well defined and well developed sense of self.

One way of exercising this inner strength is by participating in a daily workout, physically and mentally, challenging the individual psyche. One should strive to partake in as rigorous a mental and physical training regime one can and in so doing continually develop character at any age in life. The abuse of any substances is to be avoided and the enjoying of life’s pleasures done so in moderation.

This approach to life is very much a balanced path, easy to veer from, and takes time to completely internalize and master. However, consistent and diligent training facilitates the development of the required skills on this journey to self-mastery.

Train Hard, Train Smart, Train Safe, Train Real, and Train for Life!

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