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Corporate and Community Groups; Women's Groups; Law Enforcement, Military, Security!

Dennis Stoika, a career federal and local law enforcement officer, and former United States Marine, brings over 25 years of real combat survival experience to prepare you and others for any unpredictable street confrontation. Dennis Stoika offers seminars to:
  • Corporate and Community Groups
  • Women's Groups
  • Law Enforcement, Military, and Security
All seminars are an invaluable experience guaranteed to change your life. Seminars include up to 12 hours daily of the most modern and evolved reality based self-defense. All seminars are tailored to the host and can include topics such as:
  • Avoidance strategies, pre and post conflict strategies, and survival skills
  • Empty hand street combat to defend against fast and brutal strikes to include clubs, bats, bottles, etc
  • Gun and rifle confrontations and disarming tactics
  • Vicious knife attacks and threats, and edged weapon defenses and disarming tactics
  • Escapes from unexpected vicious street-holds, headlocks, violent strangles, the clinch, and takedowns
  • Ground survival
  • Striking, grappling, controls, pressure points, and takedowns.
  • Improvised weapons
  • Multiple attackers
  • Psychological understanding of specific attacks
  • Surprise attack scenarios
  • and so much more!
Call Dennis Stoika NOW at 732-620-2311 to plan and schedule your seminar.

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