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Women’s Reality Based Self-Defense
Women’s Commando Krav Maga "WCKM"

Protection, Empowerment, Confidence!

WCKM is an evolved and highly effective reality based self-defense system designed to be specific and relevant to women’s individual daily lives. It is a fusion of awareness, prevention, and physical self-protection techniques offering women an easy and fun way to exponentially improve their personal security and to better protect their children. WCKM teaches women to protect themselves, thereby empowering them, and bolstering their confidence.

In WCKM you will learn:
  • Viable Awareness and Prevention Skills
  • How to Know if a Predator is Targeting You or Your Child
  • What to Do to Prevent Being Attacked
  • How to Protect Yourself if You are Attacked
  • The Survival Mindset
  • The “Never Give Up” Attitude
  • Mental and Emotional Clarity and Focus in the Face of Danger
  • Lasting Empowerment Skills that Apply to Every Part of Your Life
WCKM’s techniques are easy to learn, simple to perform, and require very little physical strength. By taking WCKM classes, you will learn valuable techniques to keep you safe. In WCKM, you will advance at your own pace and work within your own comfort level. This non-threatening approach allows women to explore danger in a physically and emotionally safe environment. You will be able to immediately apply the awareness and prevention skills to your daily life. You will learn how to analyze your individual routines and assess where, when, and how you and your children are at risk.

WCKM training is customized to protect you, and it is reality and scenario based. The techniques were developed from extensive research on the specific methods attackers use against women. In the scenarios, we recreate attack situations supported by extensive research of case histories of actual attacks against women. We also build scenarios around the threats you face in your daily lives, so you prepare yourself to both prevent attacks and escape from attacks. The primary focus is on exerting minimum force to produce maximum results, escaping safely from even the worst most violent attacks.
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